Thang Long Journal of Science is a multidisciplinary academic peer-reviewed journal of Thang Long University, licensed in 2021, published quarterly.

Purposes of the Journal are to support and promote university scientific research, education and training activities by lecturers, undergraduates, and postgraduates via these basic functions:

  • Publish research works of scientists at the university and others, at home and abroad; contribute to building a reference and citation database for future studies;
  • Work as a forum for in-depth academic issues exchanges on scientific research, a bridge between research, training and application efforts;
  • Introduce, exchange and disseminate experience in management, operation and application of achievements from domestic and international scientific studies.

Annually, the Journal publishes:

  • 2 volumes on Economic- Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Health Sciences, and Arts (Vol. A), published in Vietnamese language;
  • 2 volumes on Van hien and Heritage (Vol. B), published in English language;
  • 2 volumes on Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (Vol. C), published in English language