Founded in 2016, Thang Long Institute of mathematics and applied sciences has the following main tasks:

1. Research

- Carry out basic research in natural sciences and technology in the areas of mathematics, physics, biotechnology, information technology;

- Undertake and support inter-disciplinary research through interaction between mathematicians and physical/ biological/ economical/ social scientists

- Implement, apply and transfer scientific and technological research results.

2. Education

- Train high-quality human resources in science and technology;

- Organise postgraduate education in natural science and technology;

- Popularise and disseminate knowledge and results of scientific research and technology development to meet requirements for expansion of science and technology markets.

3. Professional expertise

- Participate in evaluating technology level, examining and approving techno-economic theoretical foundations

- Make proposals and supervise the implementation of technological programs;

4. International cooperation

- Carry out international cooperation in science and technology;

- Organise and oversee the implementation of international cooperation programs and projects;

- Host international conferences and workshops, manage international meetings and research cooperation plans.


Executive Board

Ha Huy Khoai Nguyen Khac Minh


Do Ngoc Diep Bach Khanh Hoa
Le Dung Muu Nguyen Ba An Le Thanh Dat
Ha Huy Vui Do Van Luu


Le Van Cuong Pham Hung Quy
Ta Thi Hoai An Truong Xuan Duc Ha Trinh Viet Duoc
Si Duc Quang Ho Sy Hoa Tran Nam Trung
Ha Huy Thai Nguyen Huu Thanh Tam Vu Hoai An
Nguyen Thac Dung Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu Vu Nhat Huy
Ninh Van Thu  


Dinh Thuy Quynh