Date Published: 10/09/2023


Hoàng Xuân Sính’s thesis: Categorifying Group Theory
Baez John C.
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A survey on solution approaches for the equilibrium problem defined by the nikaido-isoda-fan inequality
Muu Le Dung, Jean Jacques Strodiot, Xuan Thanh Le
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A generalization of product inequality for the higher topological complexity
Viet Dung Nguyen, Van Ninh Nguyen
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A blockchain-based Certificate Management System using the Hyperledger Fabric Platform
Trần Quang Duy, Minh Hoang Trong
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On korenblum constants for some weighted function spaces
JunJie Wee, Hai Khoi Le
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Truncated second main theorem for non-Archimedean meromorphic maps
Quang Si Duc
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